Safety and the environment

The essential activity of Sociedad de Hidrocarburos de Euskadi, S.A. (EVE Group) is to explore and exploit subsurface oil and gas reserves in the Basque-Cantabrian Basin that might help drive the energy and economic development of the Basque Country. In accordance with the mission, values, principles and commitments of the EVE Group (Ente Vasco de la Energía), it must perform all its activities in such a way as to ensure personal safety and development and protection of the natural environment.


  • Oil and Gas Industry Act (Act 34/1998, of 7 October 1998)
  • Environmental Assessment Act (Act 21/2013)
  • Act 8/2015 of 21 May 2015 amending the Oil and Gas Industry Act (Act 34/1998 of 7 October 1998) and regulating certain tax and non-tax measures relating to oil and gas exploration, research and production
  • Act 6/2015, of 30 June 2015, governing additional measures of environmental protection for the extraction of unconventional oil and gas and hydraulic fracturing (fracking).